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.Wednesday, February 25, 2009 ' 11:37 PM Y

Hi everyone,

Please take note both AniversG and ALG is the same.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Celestine Ang


. ' 11:19 PM Y

EVENT BY ASD! Please read below :

Hi everyone

Don't forget about our A-Dog-tion Day this weekend, ASD's first adoption drive of the year. We picked up a beautiful litter of puppies from the Kranji area last week and they are really sweet and affectionate (and active !) Do drop by if you are looking for a lifelong friend or tell your friends about it !There are still great seats left for the upcoming Movie Screening as the hall is a relatively big one, and it's a feel good movie (don't we need that in times like this ?) so do bring a few friends or your family or help us spread the word around !

We've mustered a fantastic goodie bag containing Body Shop products, canned food, assorted dog treats, dog shampoos, phone tags, key chains, discount vouchers from Pet Lovers Centre and other sponsors as well as movie premiums for the premium tickets and what's more we are giving away ASD T shirts & Polo Tees with a on-the-spot lucky dip (50% chance of winning !), all of which are well worth more than the cost of the ticket !

We really hope you can support the event as the proceeds help us to maintain our daily operations and keep the dogs healthy and happy ! Despite these turbulent times, we hope you will still continue to help the less fortunate just as our loyal furry friends will always be faitiful to us to the end.

For the Animals
Ricky Yeo


.Friday, January 16, 2009 ' 9:57 AM Y

Please Copy and paste as well as fill this simple form. Take less than 15 seconds of your time. =)

Kindly submit it by Email to aniversg@yahoo.com.sg . Your participation is deeply appreciated.


1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Occupantion:
4) Do you own a pet: Yes,What? / No
5) Spare time to Organize activity: Yes, When? / No


1) Name:
2) Age:
3) Occupation:


.Thursday, January 15, 2009 ' 1:48 PM Y

Dear Animal lovers,

Be it Dogs, Cats or the small breeds animal. I am creating a Volunteery group to reach out to the strays/abandoned/abused pets roaming free without a shelter and pets that are home in Pets Shelter as I have noticed that many people are volunteering but without a group, thus this group gathers Animal Lovers who wants to help. The purpose of this group is for anyone who wants to help and/or volunteer in any Pet's Shelter.

This group requires NO member fees. We could design T-shirt so we can wear it for any events. If you want to donate to any Shelters, it's best if members donate under this group. Flexible volunteery time, mostly weekends unless special events is organized. Members are NOT needed to attend every volunteery work but would be best if they could. Members need NOT own a pet at home, as long as you have the heart, you'll have a part!

Recruiting 2 more admin:

Requirements: 1) 16 years old and above. 2) Loves animals!! 3) Can attend most of the events.

Recruiting members:

Requirements: 1) Loves animals!! 2) Not afraid of stranger Animals. 3) Anyone who wants to help~ =)

They need us!

Please Send me an Email of confirmation if you have decided to join this group.

For more infomation or interested to join, please email me at AniversG@yahoo.com.sg

Best Regards,


About Us

AniversG = Animal+Lovers+Group

Established: 15th Jan 2009

Volunteery Group

Contact Us





1) Celestine Ang*Creator
2) Karen Ang - 15/01/09


1) Edmund Low - 16/01/09
2) Ervin Loong - 16/01/09
3) Lynn Lim - 16/01/09
4) Joanie Ang - 16/01/09
5) Rachel Ang - 16/01/09
6) Ryan Foong - 17/01/09
7) Yi Ting - 07/02/2009
8) Yen Yu - 10/02/09


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2) Mutts & Mittens
3) Noah's Ark
5) Animals Lover League


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